Welcome Uwamahoro Marie Solange!!

Meet one of our students at Mwana Nshuti, the Vocational Training Center here in Kagarama, Kigali.
Her name is Uwamahoro Marie Solange, an 18 year old student in our Hairdressing course. We sat down and asked her a few questions about her journey to Mwana Nshuti and what her aspirations are for the coming months and years!

How did you find out about Mwana Nshuti?
“I was in a primary school, in P5, but then dropped out because my mother got sick. I only saw my father one time, because he had another wife who he lived with. Together, my mother and I were living in a poor situation, and so I said ‘ok, I have to go find my own life and discover a way to help my mother to overcome our situation. I decided to find work as a housekeeper where I could begin to make some money. My bosses though told me that because I’m still young, I should have the opportunity to study something like vocational training school, something that could help me achieve my goals in life. They decided to bring me here, to show me Mwana Nshuti, and to pay for the school fees if I chose to attend classes during the day.”

How difficult is it to manage time?
“It’s manageable because I wake up early and do the housekeeping work. After the school day ends at 1:00pm, I go back home to keep working on my household duties.”

What do you hope to accomplish?
“My hope is to be able to work my own job in the future that will help me to be able to again live with my little sisters at home with my mother. Ultimately, I want to return home to Gakenke to work so I can be close to family.”

Thanks for hearing about Marie’s story and continuing with us on the journey of empowering the dedicated youth of Rwanda!

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