At FPH, we have lots of plans to build peace and bring opportunity to communities in Rwanda. Here is a list of projects that need your support!

Expanding AVP in Prisons

FPH is currently expanding their Alternatives to Violence Program in several prisons around Rwanda. These peace trainings are very important for sustaining peace within the prison and in the communities when inmates return to their homes.

That is how we came up with the following project:

Help 450 Rwandan Prisoners to Become Peacebuilders

Our Transformational Mediation in Prisons program is designed both to provide mediation and to train inmates in non-violent conflict resolution and mediation skills. This will empower them to resolve conflicts within the prisons as well as outside the prisons upon their release.

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The need for education for all even to those with disabilities at Rwanda Center. Inspired Friends Peace House to start the following project:

Inclusive education for children with disabilities

This project aims to help around 300 children with disabilities to access inclusive education because all of these children have severe disabilities and their education was impossible due to lack of appropriate support and families’ poverty. This project will address their problems by building an inclusive school with an accessible environment and materials with professional teachers and healthcare. Children will be supported to access habilitation and rehabilitation to meet primary needs.

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Mental Health Awareness to 500 youth in Rwanda

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020 a lot of young people were desperate and worried about their future. The pandemic brought a lot of effects in the community including job loss, business shutting down which affected people’s mental health as they became hopeless. This project aims to reach out to 500 young people including men and women in the age range of 15 – 24 years old to talk about mental health and how to overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic.

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AVP Workshop for students in Rwanda

The Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) is a hands-on training program that prepares participants to deal with potentially violent conflict in new, positive, and creative ways. Schools in Rwanda are faced with various forms of violent conflict that students experience. Because of this problem, the Alternative to Violence program is the best solution to those violent students. 300 students from 10 secondary schools will be equipped with relevant skills to mitigate violence.

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Feeding 190 stunted children with a balanced diet

This project aims to provide 190 stunted children with a balanced diet within six months and provide each household with 3 best egg-producing chickens and nutrition education. Stunting is caused by not eating enough or eating foods that lack growth-promoting nutrients, and persistent infections or chronic illnesses that lead to insufficient nutrient intake. The project will solve the problem of children suffering from malnutrition and stunting in the two sectors of eastern province/Rwanda.

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Provide 66 adolescent mothers with milking cows

This project will provide adolescent women and their children with milking cows. Many unwed mothers who face unplanned pregnancies are subject to abuse, neglect and malnutrition for themselves and their child. COVID has increased this. Cows provide a sustainable income, create self-sufficiency for the single mother, and combat nutrient deficiencies for the child. This leads to a healthy life for both mother and child due to sustained income which provides health care and education opportunities.

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saving program

Mwana Nshuti Student Associations

The two graduate student associations are very active and committed but lack materials in their salon and sewing co-operative. There are several ways to partner with the associations. For example, matching member contributions or donating specific equipment, could help facilitate the success of these small businesses that want to expand to offer more employment and internship opportunities for Mwana Nshuti students

Mechanics tools

As mechanics is a reasonably new option at Mwana Nshuti, the students still lack key tools with which to practice. We hope to continue to expand this program by providing a diesel engine for the students to practice on.