Alternatives to Violence (AVP)

Kagarama Mwana Nshuti AVP

Kagarama Mwana Nshuti AVP Graduates


Alternatives to Violence (AVP) is a peace training that originated in the US and has had a lot of success in Rwanda especially in the Gacaca courts. Participants work to together to identify the root causes of violence as well as the root causes of peace.

AVP in Prisons

Friends Peace House works to promote peace and coexistence in the prisons by conducting various peace trainings for inmates as they serve their sentences.

Alternatives to Violence is a program that has had great success in the prison environment. This training helps support peace in the prisons but also builds long lasting coexistence in Rwanda between released inmates and their communities.


Alternatives to Violence ProgramCompleted AVP Participants


       Completed AVP Participants                                                                                                                                                            Alternatives to Violence Program


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