Election Observation

In the 2017 Presidential elections, the Friends Peace House, along with the Centre for Peace, Democratic Governance and Development (CPDG), undertook an initiative to follow, make known, and observe the electoral process with respect to transparency, democracy, liberty, free choice, conformation to both international standards as well as standards set within the Rwandese constitution itself.

Together we monitored several Sector voting booths across the country to ensure that voters could place their ballots freely and fairly. Civic education was conducted leading up to the elections to ensure that voters understood both their rights and their responsibilities as citizens of Rwanda and voters in their elections.

In the wake of the 2017 Presidential Elections, our hope is to continue to educate Rwanda’s citizens on the role they must take in order to continue the democratic development of the nation. The Parliamentary Elections in the Fall of 2018 provide an excellent opportunity to continue to monitor election proceedings and educate the civilian population.