Your contribution to Friends Peace House helps support a variety of programs run by our organization, all committed to our mission of promoting peace, unity and reconciliation.

With your support, FPH can continue to expand the impact of programs like Savings and Loans Associations, Vocation Training for Rwandan youth and Transformational Mediation.

If you are interested in financially supporting our work with us, please email with the following information:

  1. The amount you would like to donate,
  2. Signify if you would like to donate to one of our specific programs.

When the donation is received you will receive a receipt.

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Current Project


This project will provide adolescent women and their children with milking cows. Many unwed mothers who face unplanned pregnancies are subject to abuse, neglect and malnutrition for themselves and their child. COVID has increased this. Cows provide a sustainable income, create self-sufficiency for the single mother, and combat nutrient deficiencies for the child. This leads to a healthy life for both mother and child due to sustained income which provides health care and education opportunities. Read More.