Our Team

Our Coordinator

Antoine Samvura has served as a President of Rwanda Yearly Meeting from 2003 to 2013. He has been a headmaster of George Fox College of Kagarama. In addition, he was inspector of Friends schools in Rwanda. Since 2011, he has been the Coordinator of Friends Peace House (FPH) and the president of Rwanda Quaker Peace Network (QPN). Since 2016, he has been the Treasurer of Peace and Development Network ( PDN).

Antoine and his team at FPH hold on closely to the values of peace, simplicity, equality, integrity, and community as they work to positively transform the lives of those around them.






Staff Members

Antoine Samvura
Friends Peace House Coordinator
Thacienne Iryanyawera
Friends Peace House Accountant
Emmanuel Bagenayabo
Kagarama Mwana Nshuti Administrator
Clement Mugambira
Bugesera Mwana Nshuti Administrator
Augustin Bizimana
Bugesera Mwana Nshuti Language Teacher
Gaudence Nyirasafali
Kagarama Mwana Nshuti CookingTeacher
Yves Mutabaruka
Kagarama Mwana Nshuti Mechanics Teacher
Florida Musabyimana
Bugesera Mwana Nshuti Sewing Teacher
Safari Niyongira Sylvain
Conservation Agriculture / Savings and Loan Supervisor
Emilienne Mukandera
Kagarama Friends Peace House Office Assistant/Cleaner
Alphonsine Bayagambe
Savings and Loan Shingiro Village Agent
Consolee Nyiramajyambere
Savings and Loan Shingiro Village Agent
Leonard Ntezirizaza
Savings and Loan Musanze Village Agent
Theogene Musengimana
Savings and Loan Nkotsi Village Agent
Juvenal Habyarimana
Savings and Loan Musanze Village Agent
Françoise Rwakibibi
Conservation Agriculture Zone Staff
Aime Sibomana
Kagarama Mwana Nshuti Language Teacher
Diogene Hafashimana
Conservation Agriculture Bugesera Volunteer Farmer
Elizabeth Muhimpundu
Savings and Loans Bugesera Field Staff