Mwananshuti-Kicukiro new promotion, January 2020

Welcome to Mwananshuti TVET School

The first promotion of the 2020 academic year started on January 6th. Forty-two students (20 boys and 22 girls) have joined Mwananshuti-Kicukiro, detailed as follows: 3 boys and 5 girls studying culinary arts, 4 boys and 14 girls studying hairdressing, 13 boys and 3 girls studying mechanics.

They are very glad to be with their colleagues and pursuing their studies together.

Students in the culinary arts class learn theory from their professor, NYIRASAFARI Gaudance

Motor vehicle mechanics students examine some tools.

Our students studying hairdressing have already begun practicing—on each other!

New classrooms

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  1. This is such a great program! May it and you continue to experience great blessings from God and it goes forward!!

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