FPH General Assembly held at Kigali, 23 June 2016

On Thursday, 23 June 2016, the Friends Peace House (FPH) General Assembly, lead by Rev. David BUCURA, the legal representative of Evangelical Friends Church of Rwanda, took place at Gasharu Peace Garden in Kigali. 30 people attended, including those from the FPH management board, the office staff at Kigali, the project coordinators, and the district […]

“Share-out” of Savings and Loans Groups in Musanze District

The Friends Peace House Savings and Loans Program held a graduation ceremony and “share-out” day at Shingiro Sector, Gakoro Cell, Musanze District on 20 February 2016. It was a joyful event for all staff and sharing group members present. On that important day, two groups—DUFATANYE and TURENGERE IBIDUKIKIJE—graduated and received the income distribution (the “share […]

The Field Day for Conservation Agriculture in Musanze District

On Thursday, the 25th Feb 2016 in Musanze District, Friends Peace House (FPH) celebrated the field day with groups of farmers located in Gataraga sector. These groups, TWIBUMBE NSHUTI and INYENYELI, both have 56 members and finished the training in growing maize (corn) within Friends Peace House fields. That training took them the whole season, […]

Good news from the Mwana Nshuti Garage!

Students have started their internships in various community garages. This internship provides the students a great chance to practice their skills as well as network and connect with local garage owners. The mechanic students will intern for 3 months before graduating from the Mwana Nshuti Vocational School.