About Us

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Friends Peace House was founded as a witness to peace, reconciliation and conflict resolution in Rwanda in December 2000, following the 1994 genocide and war, by the Evangelical Friends Church of Rwanda—a member of the Quaker branch of historically pacifist churches. We are a faith based organization and work without discrimination with regards to race, religion, and gender. FPH is registered NGO in Rwanda and has an autonomous board of directors and independent finances. Friends Peace House is known as Urugo rw’Amahoro in Kinyarwanda – The Home of Peace.



To promote peace, unity, and reconciliation among the people of Rwanda and to holistically contribute to the development of the Rwandan society.



To see Rwandese people living together in good relationship with one another in healthy, well-developed communities.


Core Values

Peace (Shalom), Integrity, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Unity, Transparency, Openness and Discernment.


Current Activities

  • Vocational training for vulnerable youth (Mwana Nshuti Vocational Training Center)
  • Community Savings and Loans Program
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Returning Refugee support
  • Trainings in conflict resolution, mediation and trauma healing
  • Collaboration with other local NGO’s to promote peace and development work

Mwana Nshuti Staff and Volunteer